Disney Characters & Autographs

This blog is a fun way for our boys to share their autogaphs and character pictures from Disney World and Universal Studios!

Monday, June 3, 2013

A few more photos

                                                      The family with Duffy!
                                        Colby with Dr. Doom at Islands of Adventure.
                                        Colby got caught by the Green Goblin at IOA!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Islands of Adventure

We were very excited to head to Islands of Adventure in June 2011.  Our main goal was to visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  It did not disappoint.  We tried Butter-beer (very sweet) & even shopped for wands.  Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey ride is amazing!  Walking through Hogwarts & seeing all of the details was so much fun.  You are transported into a world of magic & fun.  Flight of the Hippogriff is a family friendly coaster.

Colby even got to meet Dr. Doom & the Green Goblin!

Typhoon Lagoon

During our 2011 trip we finally made it to Typhoon Lagoon water park!  The older kiddos wanted to enjoy the surf pool that has waves up to 6 feet tall!!  They could have stayed there all day and been happy.  Our next stop was Shark Reef.  I was so proud of all of the kids.  Tyler, Colby, Evie, Allie, and Katie all went across Shark Reef.  They enjoyed the lesson on snorkling and getting fitted with equipment.  We had to wait  little bit for smaller equipment for all of the kids, but it was worth it.  The kids all loved the Storm Slides and the slides at Mayday Falls.  While the kids did the Castaway Creek I had a chance to take Kisney to play at Kechakiddie Creek!  So fun!  Max and I switched places so that we could alternate and be with the big boys on the slides.

Our favorites at this park:  Surf Pool, Shark Reef, and Crush-N-Gusher!!  We rode Crush-N-Gusher several times.  It is a great water roller coaster.  We rode all three slides:  Banana Blaster, Coconut Crusher, and Pineapple Plunger. 

The kids were so excited to be heading to Typhoon Lagoon!

Pirate League @ Magic Kingdom

Yo, ho!  Yo, ho!  The boys really wanted to do Pirate League this trip.  So, I reserved it early so they would get to be pirates all day at Magic Kingdom.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The boys were called in and given special pirate secret names.  Then they got to pick their look!  It took about 45 minutes to apply the makeup and accessories.  The transformation was amazing!  The looks on their faces when they saw themselves was perfect.  They were really getting into character.  All day as we walked around the park people would stop the boys and ask them where they got their makeover!!  We got lots of great pictures on Photopass of our three pirates!



                                                         Pirate Nick

Mulan, Tinkerbelle, and Belle

Epcot 2011- July 12, 2011

We were so excited for our Asian princess to meet THE Disney Asian princess Mulan!!  Mulan was wonderful with Kinsey and even asked us what part of China she was from.  We explored China and had a cast member write her Chinese name in her autograph book.  What a neat treasure.

We also met Belle in her yellow ball gown at the Epcot Princess Storybook breakfast.  We had not seen her in the ballgown before this trip. 

Another favorite was Tinkerbelle.  Kinsey loves the fairies and Tink took lots of time with her. The boys were so great about meeting characters for their little sister.  It was a great first trip with her!

Duffy the Disney Bear

Wednesday, July 13, 2011  Epcot Park

We met some wonderful new characters in Epcot during our 2011 trip.

Kinsey's favorite character from the entire trip was Duffy the Disney bear.  She went right up to Duffy and sat in his lap!!  Duffy was perfect with her and Kisney just loved on him for a very long time.  It was priceless!!  We had to buy her a stuffed Duffy.  That was all she wanted.

Kisney and Duffy

New Adventrues at Hollywood Studios

                                                  July 10, 2011

There are always new things to try at each theme park and during each trip.
On this trip the boys wanted to pin trade!!  So, I got on e-bay and ordered a bundle of 100 pins and we were ready to go.  The boys (and Kinsey) picked out laynards and started with 5 pins they wanted to trade.  They were only allowed to pin trade with cast members.  My nephew and three nieces also traded pins this trip.  So we let the kids trade with each other at the end of each night.  They loved it and started trying to get collections.

                             Here are a few of the kids pin trading with cast members.

Another new thing that we tried this trip was drawing classes at the Art of Animation!!  All of the adults (me, dh, my dad, my mom, and my sister-in-law) and kids loved this!  The best part is that you get to keep your art work.  It is free.  I even have some framed at my house.  We all learned how to draw Stitch and Eeyore!!  We loved it so much we went twice that day.

                                           Colby and Evie ready to draw Stich!!