This blog is a fun way for our boys to share their autogaphs and character pictures from Disney World and Universal Studios!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

In honor of our trip. Here is a fun Disney quiz. I will post the answers in a few days from Disney World!!! Leave a commment if you know any of the answers!!

1-Which of the following was not a Mouseketeer?
A. Christina Aguilera
B. Annette Funicello
C. Ryan Gosling
D. Britney Spears
E. Justin Timberlake

2. How many people are credited for providing the voice of Mickey Mouse in the past 80 years?

A. 1;
B. 3;
C. 5;
D. 8;
E. 15

3. Mickey Mouse's first appearance was in Plane Crazy on May 15, 1928. The Walt Disney Company considers today Mickey's birthday, commemorating the release of what cartoon?

A. The Barn Dance
B. The Opry House
C. The Gallopin' Gaucho
D. Mickey's Follies
E. Steamboat Willie

4. Walt Disney created Mickey Mouse to replace which animated character?

A. Felix the Cat
B. Dog the Bounty Hunter
C. Minnie the Moocher
D. Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
E. Captain Pete

5. Whom did Walt Disney give credit for the inspiration for Mickey's personality?

A. Charlie Chaplin
B. Woodrow Wilson
C. Shoeless Joe Jackson
D. Hoagy Carmichael
E. Stan Laurel

6 What country banned Mickey Mouse in 1935 out of fear he would frighten children?
A. Russia
B. China
C. Brazil
D. Romania
E. Sweden

7. On March 28, 1929, what happened to Mickey for the first time?

A. He met Minnie
B. He asked Minnie out
C. He kissed Minnie
D. He danced with Minnie
E. He wore gloves

8. The first piece of Mickey Mouse merchandise appeared in 1929. It was:

A. A lunchbox
B. A beanie cap with large ears
C. A school writing tablet
D. Suspenders
E. A video game

9. In 1932, Walt Disney received a special Academy Award for creating Mickey Mouse. How many Oscars has Mickey won?

A. 0;
B. 1;
C. 2;
D. 3;
E. 5

10 What name did Walt Disney originally intend to give Mickey, before his wife Lillian convinced him otherwise?

A. Max Mouse
B. Mortimer Mouse
C. Mister Mouse
D. Robbie the Rat
E. Manny Mouse

Monday, November 17, 2008

Leaving for the WORLD in 5 days!!!

I can hardly believe that it is finally here! We are leaving for Disney World in 5 short days! I started packing this weekend. It seems I have to pack for several seasons: t-shirts, pants, shorts, capris, sweatshirts, and jackets. We have never been in November, but everyone says that it can be fairly warm during the day and get pretty chilly at night watching the fireworks.

We have new tires on the van and I took it this weekend to get an oil change. I think we are ready. Last night I got the fish feeders to put in our big aquarium while we are gone.

Now, if I can make through this week at school. I am a teacher and everyone is so excited about the upcoming Fall/Thanksgiving break. We have the entire week off of school! YIPPEE!

Oh- we put up our two Christmas trees this weekend and decorated the house!! It will be so nice to come home to the house decorated. I didn't want to wait until we get back on December 1st. Our tradition is to put everything up Thanksgiving weekend. Since we won't be home... we decided to do it a week early. The kids were so excited and loved putting all of "their" ornaments on the tree! The boys have a Disney Christmas tree upstairs. It has all of thier ornaments and the tree downstairs is all glass ornaments and white lights. Now that the boys are older... it is so nice to be able to put out the nice decorations!

I can't wait to post about our trip.