This blog is a fun way for our boys to share their autogaphs and character pictures from Disney World and Universal Studios!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Donkey from Shrek

This is the last character/autograph that I have to add to the blog. At least until we go to Disney in November and hopefully find some new characters to add!!!

We found Donkey at Islands of Adventure. Donkey stands behind a "stable" and talks to the kids! The boys thought that he was funny.

I "guess" you can count Donkey as a character. No autograph, but he does have a stamp.

Total characters and autographs on blog: 100

Green Eggs and Ham Guy

OK Seriously!! We met the "Green Eggs Guy" at Islands of Adventure. As I was explaining to my oldest that he is Sam from Green Eggs and Ham... the character shook his head "No." Then he pointed to the Green Eggs and Ham book. He is the Green Eggs Guy (his autograph proves it) and he is the one who gets Sam to try them!! He was too cool and actually drew his entire character in the autograph book.

Take a look at this cool character.

Monday, February 25, 2008

4 Parks 1 World

The park icons are some of my favorite things to photograph! I come home with tons of pictures at each park.

Disney makes us TIRED!!!

Check out these precious pictures of my youngest two at Disney.
WOW!! They sure get worn out. They are so sweet.
These photos were taken in 2005!!

Kim's First WDW trip 1981

The Dumbo picture in the post below was also taken during my first WDW vacation in 1981.
Here is another picture from that trip.

My mom snapped this photo of my dad & I walking down Main Street USA!
We were leaving and Dad was also pushing my brother Keith in the stroller.
Oh- check out those "rocking" socks that my dad is sporting!

The ride of our lives... Dumbo!!

Here is Nick's (June 2005) first Dumbo ride with Daddy!
Can you find him??? You can just see the top of his head!
Silly Daddy!!!

This is right before Colby's (June 2005) first Dumbo ride with Mommy!!

This is Tyler's first Dumbo ride (June 2002) with Mommy!!

This is my first Dumbo ride (1981) with my Daddy and my brother Keith!
How cute is that??

This is Max's first ride on Dumbo (1980) with his cousin Lisa.

I just happen to realize that I have a photo of each member of our family on their very first WDW Dumbo ride!!! Check this out.

Max's second trip- June 1980

Here is a picture from Max's second trip to the world in 1980.

The picture is of Max, his cousin Lisa, and Max's sister Joie!

Don't they look cute in those hats. Joie is precious in the ears, but Max is a trip in that BIG hat.

Max's first trip April 1974

WOW! Here are some pictures from my dear hubby's first WDW trip in April 1974! How cool is that?? Max's mom found them for me. She said that Max (age 4) loved the parades, shows (with Pinocchio) and meeting Mr. Smee! Check out that sweet picture of Max and his cousin Lisa showing Mr. Smee their noses! Too cute. Max's cousin Lisa lives in Jacksonville, FL and they went with her entire family to visit WDW.
My favorite picture is of Max, his mom, and his cousin Lisa in front of the castle. My dear mother-in-law is SO young in her pigtails! So sweet.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Quincey from The Little Einsteins

Quincey was the last Little Einstein that we met at MGM. We kept coming back to the star trailers until he was there!


OK- so this one was for me!! I was so excited to meet my favorite princess Cinderella at her breakfast. What better way to meet her than in her very own castle! We also met Cinderella at the Princess breakfast in EPCOT.

Leo & Annie from The Little Einsteins

At MGM we found the entire Little Einsteins gang!

Here are Leo and his sister Annie.

Princess Atta from Bug's Life

We met the very cute Princess Atta as we were leaving Animal Kingdom!! She is so tiny and the boys loved her.

Friar Tuck

We met Friar Tuck from Robin Hood at Animal Kingdom.

Angelica from the Rugrats

We met this naughty Rugrat Angelica at Universal Studios (2007).

Zorro and his lady love

At Universal Studios we met Zorro and his lady love. Well, the boys had no idea who they were, but they were always up for getting their picture taken with a pretty lady! HAHA!

Jimmy Neutron

We met Jimmy Neutron at Universal Studios right outside the Jimmy Neutron ride! You can hardly see Jimmy because the boys were so close to him!! Jimmy doesn't sign, but does have a small stamp.

Shrek & Princess Fiona

We found that lovable ogre Shrek and his lady Princess Fiona at Universal Studios! Princess Fiona does sign, but Shrek has a stamp.

The boys thought that Shrek was HUGE!!!!!

Space Mickey & Goofy

We found Mickey & Goofy in their space gear outside the Mission Space ride in Epcot! They looked so neat. Mickey even went to say hello to Nicholas who was asleep in the stroller.

Dora the Explorer

We found Dora the Explorer at Universal Studios also. Again, she does not autograph, but does have a cute stamp!!

Spongebob Squarepants

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?? Spongbob Squarepants!

Oh were the boys excited to meet Spongebob! We found him at Universal Studios where we got in line and were the first of the day to meet him!!! Very cool. Spongbob does not sign, but has a stamp.